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In one of my previous blogs, I detailed my philosophy of training and I explained the reason why my classes are so hard. I want each individual person to surpass themselves, and for them to aim to become the best they could ever be.

In order to achieve this goal I have to push them beyond their limits.

However, I'm often criticised about my way of teaching because others might believe that when the body gets tired it will lose its ability to acknowledge and reproduce a move. This is definitely what the books say but I believe in reality it is not always the case.

Studies have shown that athletes that over train on a high intensity level will experience a reduced ability to learn or develop their skills. I completely agree with this, depending on the circumstances!

Let me explain my thoughts:

Let’s take as an example a boxer that performs on a high competition level like a professional or an olympian. His/ her team will have planned an appropriate program for each single day. This will balance out the work over the week and it wouldn’t require the athlete to train at that super intense level all of the time, which will ensure proper progression.

In my opinion this idea doesn’t apply to the general population or a novice boxer who trains in the local boxing club and maybe has the desire to compete in a boxing match one day. Their practice has to be tough, hard and intensive so that they understand what an actual match might feel like.

Remember boxing or any contact sport is a discipline in which participants are hitting each other, so they might get hurt and that’s why the mind and body have to work together and be strong enough to endure this suffering.

I compare this to army training because it really inspires me. The soldiers are prepared in the right way to be able to go to war. Do you think it would be possible for a soldier to accomplish his mission if his/her training wasn’t intensive?

I am pretty sure that you are saying to yourself that boxing is not comparable to war, and you are right but it has a lot of similarities.

The ring is war, a place where two people are hitting each other to win the competition. There is no room for doubt, questioning yourself or moments of weakness. The boxer cannot even get emotional and has to keep a rational mind, otherwise they will pay for the consequences. Their focus has to be on point so they can access all of the skills they have learned in training. All of this requires a lot of courage!

Once the coach has judged that the boxer is fit enough to enter the ring, the boxer is by themselves, and the only thing that will prevent them from getting hurt is all the knowledge and practise they have received in training.

If the training wasn’t intense enough the boxer will face the reality which doesn't always end well unfortunately.

The unspoken thing about boxing is that in a fight, one way or the other, one of the two people in the ring is going to get hurt. But who is it going to be?

Coaches expect from their boxers to hit, move, score shots and defend themselves, but they don’t always provide the appropriate training to make that happen.

“The only way that I can protect my boxers from getting hurt in a boxing match is to deliver a hard and intense training. “

Note that I don't mean in any way that people should train to the point of injury to get better or be prepared. For me it is always about progression with goal of preparation, and not about mindless destruction.

Train hard, fight easy!!!!

Boxing is a beautiful sport to watch. The skills that boxers need to do all those amazing moves in the ring require intense training, that’s why you will always hear me say to my boxers: “ your fitness level has to be on point”.

Intense workouts set people's mind and get them ready to take on and face any challenges.

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Any sport or domain that involves performance comes with limitations. Whether you are a singer, dancer, artist, footballer, tennis player, rugby player,... You must push yourself through those limitations to be able to see what your true value is.

You have probably heard this before: “ In live you can achieve whatever you want as long you work hard and believe in yourself”.

This is so true but I have my own perception of these words. Let me explain.


Here's another expression you hear all the time:

“To have opportunities you need to be at the right place and the right time”.

Again true, but I believe you also have to create the opportunities.

Being in a specific place at a specific time once, won’t necessarily get you what you want. Being consistently in different places where opportunity might be present, will increase your chances, even though nothing is ever guaranteed.

Take a Footbal team for example. Players are required to turn up to training and train 5-6 days a week to increase their chances to succeed, and eventually, victory.

Opportunities don’t come often but by constantly being on the go to create them, you will at some point make it happen.

Once you understand that, expressions like the one mentioned above will make more sense and you will be ready to apply that to your life.

It goes without saying that on top of that you have to be willing to put time, effort, commitment, dedication, consistency, and work ethic in to get results.

So why is it so important?

In my opinion it’s because you don’t want to have “Any regrets “.

Be a taker in this life, put everything in your power to make things happening, don’t wait untill the perfect opportunity suddenly opens up, and keep pushing untill you see the end.

Remember, it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey.

Can you really claim to be or become somebody if you haven’t put everything on your side to be this person?

When a person tells me how much they would like to become a boxer and have a fight, I take their requests seriously but warn them that it won’t be an easy path. Only the most resilient people succeed.


Nothing comes easy in this life, you have to be prepared to pay a price with everything I mentioned above.

Beautiful sports like Boxing will give you tools and teach you values to strengthen yourself and prepare you to face the world.

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When I started my journey in Kickboxing and Boxing training more than 25 years ago, I quickly realised that the foundations of these two disciplines are identical:

✔️ Both require hip rotation to be able to develop power into your arms and legs which are an extension of your body.

✔️ Both are distance fights, which means you don’t need to be close to your opponent to be able to hit them.

So why people generally think Boxing is a sport but not a martial art, and Kickboxing is?


This is what I think!!

In my opinion it’s all about the way you approach it: the art lies in the mindset needed in these disciplines.

Boxing and Kickboxing require an enormous amount of intense training, strength, discipline, energy and a strong FIGHTING SPIRIT in order to be the best you can be.

Your fitness level has to be on point and the amount of time spent in the gym - to perfect your hand and legs coordination - is unbelievable . A fighter has to be ready to give a lot and receive little in return.

On top of this, both disciplines will teach you how to become resilient, and that will depend on how strong your mind is.

If you look back to when you first started, where you are now and the level you could reach, it would be a shame to give up right?!


Forcing yourself to go beyond your limit, never giving up, not letting anything or any negative thought slip into your mind that would stop to become the best version of yourself... That's a MARTIAL ART.

Any combat or contact sport should be considered as “Martial arts”, knowing the fact that you can get hurt by practicing it. Your mind really has to be solid like a rock to succeed. Real strength is not defined by the size of your muscles but by how much physical and emotional pain you can take.

If you train like a martial artist, doors will open because you can implement different movements from other disciplines in your training like Taïchi, Taekwondo, karate, Salsa dance, etc. If you regard it only as a sport, you will be limited by the structure of the discipline.

In Fighting Spirit Boxing training, I train boxers and group classes attendees in a martial arts way because I want them to surpass themselves and be the best they could ever be.

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Thank you for reading ;)

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